The Discobabies Community

Educating your child during their pre-school years falls largely on you, the parent. Whilst they’re so young playing, or playtime is a key contributor to a child’s learning process. This helps them set a solid foundation of key skills that will benefit them when they reach nursery. Playtime doesn’t always mean reading books and building cars out of Lego. Singing, imitating and showing your child visually stimulating objects all contribute to the basic building blocks that will help their future development.

Dance is also a proven way of helping your child experience and develop different movements, ones that aren’t used so frequently in day-to-day life. If you decide to join in as well it only gives them more encouragement. Even if you’re having a bad day, dance with them, see the smile on their face, and watch yours light up to.

Since running these classes I’ve often found that the friendly atmosphere creates a small community in which the benefits go beyond just dancing with your child. It opens up a small social circle of parents at a similar stage of parenthood, meaning you can laugh and talk about the joys (and pains) of raising a child. And all attendees are likely to be living locally which means real companionships can be forged between your little ones.

I hope these classes can continue to be apart of a growing community and, above all be an enjoyable experience for you and your child. If you fancy giving it a try please call 07713 120 827 or email me on

Hope to see you soon!