Keeping your beauties sleeping

How do I get my child to sleep better at night? The age-old question to which there is seemingly no answer. Studies show that if your toddler is between 1-4 years old they need 11½ hours sleep every night. Trying to get them to stay asleep for the duration of this means countless early morning trips to the baby’s room, enough to wear down even the hardiest of parents.

Whilst your child ‘s never going to sleep without any disturbances, here are some points you may be able to use to help your child get a better nights sleep.


Making the routine is easy, sticking to it is a whole task in itself. But never give up, keep pushing the same routine and habits will form, with persistence it will eventually stick.

No screens before bed

Screens release blue light which put simply suppresses the chemicals that give you a deep sleep. It commonly comes from mobile devices or TV screens, and its likely to be the the latter that affects young children more as they’re not hooked to their mobile screens, not just yet anyway.

Buying a comfortable cot/bed

Sleep is important for all ages and trying to sleep on a mattress with the same level of comfort as an old cinder block is very difficult. If money permits then it’s well worth spending that bit extra.

Tire them out

By this I don’t mean making them do laps round the local park, but just make sure they have done at least 2 ½ to 3 hours of light exercise throughout the day.

Hopefully these tips help you and your child out on your quest for a perfect sleep.

Best of luck!