Disco Meets Diet – Healthy Eating

Whether your child’s just about murmuring their first words or throwing a tantrum about eating their greens, the importance of a healthy balanced diet remains a constant.

New dietary guidelines (I know, yet another set of healthy eating guidelines we all need to follow) have been released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and have been split into 5 ways we can improve our health.

Besides the usual, eat less sugar, cut down on salt and processed foods, here are what we think are important, especially for young children.

Be aware of the fruits and vegetables high in pesticides. Now this certainly doesn’t mean you should avoid eating them, after all pesticides are deemed safe for human consumption, but just be aware. Avocados, onions, and sweet potatoes are on the list of ‘cleanest’ fruit and veg (Full list here). Whilst apples, peaches and nectarines rank among the ‘dirtiest’.

According to the EWG children and pregnant women should ‘steer clear of seafood with high mercury levels and limit consumption of canned tuna’.

An interesting point, I remember growing up and being told fish was brain food, and my dad not letting me leave the table until I’d finished my tuna-mayo sandwich. But again the point being made is not to boycott these foods altogether because that’s just unrealistic, after all feeding your child a tuna sandwich has got to be better than a grease filled frozen pizza containing all those trans fatty acids and high amounts of salt.

Ideally we’d all like to buy organic, free range, GMO free etc. etc. Healthy foods. But price and prep time usually becomes a problem for the everyday parent. I’m a believer in the idea that as long as you keep your child active and eating the right foods, there’s no harm in treating them to the occasional pizza or bag of sweets. Like with most of the enjoyable things in life, moderation is key. Now many times have you heard that before?

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